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Easton Playback Elite Training Screen

Patented, adjustable hinge for multiple training options: ground balls, line drives, and pop flies. Heavy duty steel frame, durable s-hook bands and weather-resistant netting.

Dimensions: 48"W x 72" H.

pluses and minuses


We have both the playback elite and the 2 in 1 throw/field trainer with switch hit pitch trainer. The playback elite is much more sturdy and seems like it will last a long time. It works well for practicing throwing and fielding but it doesnt have the switch hitter attachment that provides a strike zone and actully catches the ball. The 2 in 1 throw/field trainer has that but isnt sturdy at all and doesnt seem like it will last long at all. If they combined the two it would be the perfect product!


las vegas, nv




My 8 yr old son received this as a gift from his Grandpa. This net has helped him improve both his throwing and catching. It has been used daily and the kids on his baseball team flock in to our yard to play. It will be loaded into to trailer for our vacation this summer.


Alberta, Canada


Bad product from third-rate marketer.


I bought the Easton "3-way Throw/Field Trainer" and it is a piece of junk. I'd be surprised if this thing lasts three hours, much less three weeks, and my son is all of 11. Well, he turned 11 yesterday and this was his birthday gift. How sad that Easton markets sports equipment. This is a product, at best, for a 4-year-old. The metal tubing is too thin, the entire product looks like it cost $2 to produce. I'd like to know the product executive who thinks he's doing anyone a favor: the consumer or his company, which he has embarrassed. I now will regard anything with the Eason name with suspicion before trading up, paying a little more for something useful.


Los Gatos, CA


Worth it if you are 8-13


It lasted about 3 months fully functional and then 8 barely functional.


Tustin, CA, USA


Broke on the first day


I was so excited to buy this for my son, I get home put it together and within 10 minutes my son comes in scared saying dad I broke it. I go outside and to adjust the net up and down you unscrew a plastic Knob on the side of the net, when you have it where you want you screw it tight. My son Missed the net and the ball hit the know breaking it in half no longer allowing me to turn it. I loved the net overall but very bad design, should have metal handles or change the design. I have been looking for a better Easton net, maybe I will here from them.


West Bend, WI, USA


This product is good and bad.


The product was good to start out, but I agree, the net was not strung very tight, as to only return the ball back approx 10-12 ft. The rubber straps holding the net to the frame broke and I have searched all over for replacements bands and can not find them any where. The ability to adjust the pitch back was a nice balls versus ground balls. You need to provide replacement straps!!


Mpls. Mn.


Great pitch back!


Bought this when my son was born 7 years ago. At the time it was more for me to be able throw on my own without having to find someone else to throw or field grounders. Very sturdy and capable of taking whatever I threw at it. 7 years later it is still going strong and is now also used as a lax bounce back too! I am looking to replace the rubber straps for a livelier action off the net after 7 years but haven't found them yet. Thanks Easton for a great product that has never let us down!


Arlington, VA, USA

This product is terrible


The net is not as tight as the other pitchback I had in the past. The net is so loose that it only brings the ball back about 10 feet.

Little league baseball player



This product works well for individual workouts


Great product to work by yourself on foot work and the proper way to field ground balls when the weather outside won't let you go out. My son has been using it for the past 4 years in our barn during the winter or when he can't find some one to throw to him.




Easton Playback Elite Training Screen

3.1 9


Team Express offers a one-year warranty for any eligible Easton non-bat equipment that was purchased from Team Express. Non- bat product categories that fall under this warranty program include: Ball Gloves, Batting Gloves, Helmets, Catcher's Gear, Bat Bags, and select Training Accessories. Team Express also offers a 30-day return policy for all new (unused) merchandise. (Please see Product Warranty Defect Guidelines and Return Policy below)

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Bags: - Zipper issue - Material tearing issue - Sewing issue - Wheel issue

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Easton's mission is to deliver a significant and measurable performance advantage to every athlete playing baseball, fastpitch, and slow-pitch. In 1976 Easton Sports introduced the world's first high performance aluminum baseball bat and continued to revolutionize the game with the introduction of the first two-piece composite bat. That determination and maverick rule-breaking behavior has led Easton to continually develop products that will be there for the athlete when the moment of truth presents itself.