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Pro Ice Ankle Cold Therapy WrapBR>
The Pro-Ice Ankle Ice Wrap provides cold therapy to help relieve ankle pain and ankle swelling from acute injury such as ankle sprains, chronic ankle pain and speed recovery during rehab after ankle surgery.

The Pro-Ice Cryoblanket conforms to the shape of your ankle due to the patented window pane design. The adjustable compression straps provide the amount of compression you need right where you want it. The Pro-Ice Ankle Ice Wrap is better than the rest because it stays colder longer and cools the body for up to an hour. It cools the body through the four stages of cooling for optimum recovery.

For use at home, place the Ankle Ice Wrap insert in the freezer for use when needed for acute injuries , or for treatment of chronic ankle and foot pain. The Pro-Ice Ankle Wrap is used by teams across the country to treat injuries on the court or on the field. Use the Pro-Ice quad insulated cooler bag (sold separately), to keep multiple sets of inserts? ready for application for up to twelve hours.

Pro-Ice is better that crushed ice because it stays colder longer, never melts and leaves condensation on the body or puddles of water on the court, which can be an accident waiting to happen. Pro-Ice is better than gel packs because it stays colder longer, doesn't sag or clump when melting. Most Gel packs don't stay cold enough, long enough to provide the therapeutic value you want during your cold therapy application.

The Pro-Ice Ankle Wrap can also treat foot injuries simply by turning the wrap around and applying the longer side to the bottom of the foot for conditions such as heel spurs, foot/toe fractures and plantar fasciitis.

Purchase Includes - (1) Pro-Ice Ankle Cold Therapy Wrap and one set of ice insert Cryoblanket(s). 7 1/2” Tall - 5 1/2” Wide - 8 1/2” Long. Fits most foot sizes, left or right. Made in the USA.

• Pro-Ice Ankle Ice Wrap pi500
• Ankle Compression and Cold Therapy
• Ankle Cold Wrap Helps Relieve Ankle Pain & Swelling
• Pro-Ice Stays Colder Longer Than Ice To Provide Therapeutic Results
• Pro-Ice Wraps Are Better & More Convenient Than Ice Or Gel Packs
• Pro-Ice Never Melts To Leave Condensation or Puddles On The Court
• Ankle Ice Wraps For Team Sports
• Ankle Cryotherapy For Workplace Safety- Always Keep Pro-Ice On Hand
• Post Surgical Ankle Ice Wrap Helps Reduce Swelling and Pain

Pro Ice provides quality baseball and softball athletic rehabilitation equipment. We carry a wide selection of Pro Ice softball and baseball athletic rehabilitation equipment, including ice packs, cold packs, shoulder ice packs, shoulder could packs, elbow ice packs and elbow cold packs.