2022 Baseball Express Classic Sponsored By Marucci

2022 Baseball Express Classic Sponsored By Marucci2022 Baseball Express Classic Sponsored By Marucci

UPDATE:  Due to severe weather affecting most of the country, we have extended the opening round of the contest through Wednesday, 2/9 so there's still time to enter!  Get your team together and head to your nearest eligible HitTrax facility!

Grab your bat, grab your teammate, and head to your local HitTrax facility this winter and become a part of the 2022 Baseball Express Classic Sponsored By Marucci!  Teams of two across multiple age groups will face off head-to-head in an online tournament for a chance to win $1000 to the college of their choosing!


Teams of two will go to their local HitTrax facility and compete head-to-head in 6-inning games against other teams nationwide in an online tournament.  The top teams in round one will move on to a single-elimination tournament beginning in February!


Baseball players in the following age groups who form teams of 2 are eligible to participate and face off against other teams within their own age group*:

  • 12U
  • 15U
  • 18U
  • 21U

*Players will compete within the age group that they will fall under as of February 19, 2022.


Entering is simple! Just go to your nearest eligible HitTrax facility, give them your team name and information and tell them you are there to compete in the 2022 Baseball Express Classic!  Your HitTrax administrator and facility will take care of the rest.


Prizes will be awarded to 1st and 2nd place finishers across all age groups:



     - $1,000 College Scholarship

     - Free Marucci USSSA or BBCOR Baseball Bat

     - $100 Gift Card to BaseballExpress.com

     - Marucci Swag



     - $100 Gift Card to BaseballExpress.com

     - Marucci Swag


1.  Any and all participants must be able to confirm their age and name

2.  All participants under the age of 18 must have permission from a parent or legal guardian to enter.

3.  All games will be 6-innings in length and will be conducted via HitTrax.

4.  The following minimum PLATE pitch speeds by age must be met in order to participate*:

     - 12U:  45MPH

     - 15U:  50MPH

     - 18U:  55MPH

     - 21U:  60MPH

4.  HitTrax will confirm and declare the winners of each game.  Results are final and cannot be disputed.

5.  The top 6 teams in each age group in Round 1 will advance to the single-elimination tournament

6.  By entering, all participants also agree to further Terms & Conditions.


*Because of the needed pitch speed minimums, any HitTrax machine located at Dick's Sporting Goods is ineligible to participate.


ROUND 1:  1/29 - 2/9

  • Games open to all eligible teams in all eligible age groups
  • Top 6 teams in each age group advance

ROUND 2:  2/7 - 2/13

  • Top 6 teams from each age groups compete in head-to-head single elimination games
  • Top 2 teams from each agre group will receive a bye


  • Two final teams in each age group match up in one final head-to-head game


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