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Baseball Express is excited to introduce the all-new Warstic Bonesaber. The all new Bonesaber is built to face the most feared pitchers in the game. The Katana2X Alloy Barrel is constructed of their highest grade ultra light alloy and features a state-of-the-art double taper with thinner handle that increases swing speed and whip thru the zone, improves feel and maximizes sweet spot.

The new Bonesaber is now more balanced and capable of producing superior swing speed and incredible exit velocity. The combination of our patented Pommel Precision Knob paired with one piece construction will give you unmatched comfort and bat control for the most responsive bat in the game.

Time to Hunt, Sit Dead Red.



  • Katana2X Alloy Barrel constructed of ultra light weight premium alloy with a double taper barrel shape to maximize sweet spot and increase whip thru the zone 
  • Patented Pommel Precision Knob is the most pro style knob on the market for unmatched comfort and control 
  • Tsuka Warrior’s Grip is an ultra-thin synthetic leather providing ultimate control 
  • Aerophite Cap is built with a feather lite composite material to add durability while maximizing swing speed
  • Bonesaber is a ‘Speed Loaded’ One Piece, built for speed without sacrificing power output 
  • The signature bone color is based on natural maple wood bats and is approved for NCAA and NJCAA play 
  • Features a gloss barrel with a matte Wartip
  • Barrel is 2 ⅝”

About the NEW Flared BBCOR Handle


All-new Flared Knob for BBCOR is the perfect transition from round to Axe for hitters. You get justthe right amount of Axe advantage, with the feels of round. The Flared taper design feels natural,works with allgrip types, and frees your swing for top performance. There is no transition period.No restrictions. Grip it and go.


What Makes It 2ndGen Avenge Pro Hybrid:

  • Hottest barrel at the max limit
  • Largest sweet spot grew even longer
  • Barrel sizeincreased to our biggest barrel
  • Extended max .500 BBCOR performance zone
  • Stiffer handle for power transfer and response
  • 3-Piece technology virtually eliminates vibration
  • Power swing weight, accessible to all