AXE 2024 Speed Trainer Baseball Bats with Flared Handle 3-Pack 2 5/8 Barrel

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AXE 2024 Speed Trainer Baseball Bats with Flared Handle 3-Pack 2 5/8 Barrel

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Axe Speed Trainers Bat Set powered by Driveline Baseball

Unlock next-level bat speed, exit velocity, and an optimal swing plane with three Axe Speed Trainers and four unique 12-week training modules designed for both in-season and out-of-season work. Engineered by the hitting coaches and data analysts at Driveline Baseball, this system utilizes over-loaded and under-loaded Axes to holistically enhance your swing for increased power and launch angle.

“The Axe Speed Trainers are a great training tool to help players create bat speed but also gain a greater understanding of grip identity in order to manipulate the barrel. These bats not only help train the body to move at a faster rate by improving functional strength, but also improve barrel awareness.” – Tim Corbin, Head Coach, Vanderbilt

Used By Over 150 Top College & Pro Teams

  • Gain 5+ MPH in exit speed, on average
  • Increase bat speed, power and distance
  • Improve hitting mechanics
  • Strength training for your swing

System Includes:

  • 3 Weighted Bats (2 Overload, 1 Underload)
  • 0 Driveline Training Program Book
  • 12 Weeks In-Season Training
  • 12 Week Out-Of-Season Training

What’s New:

  • 0 Driveline Training Programing | In-season, Out-of-season
  • 0 Driveline Training Book
  • Pro Flared Axe Handle
  • Armor Alloy Ultra Overload Bats
  • Charged Carbon Max Composite Underload Bat


The baseball swing is a unique movement that demands unique training – unlike traditional strength training, our overload/underload system works the entire sequence of muscles involved in a swing. Driveline’s training program is fine-tuned to affect every stage of movement, delivering a better swing from start to finish.

RECOMMENDED FOR: -3 BBCOR hitters. Which means all high school and college hitters. This system will also be for 7th and 8th graders who are already swinging -3 BBCOR, or getting ready to go into high school.


  • 1 Overload, Balanced Axe Speed Trainer, 2-5/8” barrel, with red tip (+20% overload/33”/36 oz.)
  • 1 Overload, Endloaded Axe Speed Trainer, 2-5/8” barrel, with green tip (+20% overload/33”/36 oz.)
  • 1 Underload, Balanced Axe Speed Trainer, 2-5/8” barrel, with blue tip (-20% underload/33”/24 oz.)


  • Overload Barrel Load Bat: One-Piece Alloy | Armor Alloy Ultra
  • Overload Handle Load Bat: One-Piece Alloy | Armor Alloy Ultra
  • Underload Bat: One-Piece Composite | Charged Carbon Ultra
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Brand Axe
Sport Baseball
Model Year 2024
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