Baseball Training Guide

Baseball Training GuideBaseball Training Guide

If you are looking to take your game to the next level, Baseball Express has compiled some of the best hitting, fielding, catching, and pitching baseball drills for you to do at your next practice, or even at your own home. We also have the latest baseball training equipment like hitting nets, hitting tees, fielding glove trainers, practice balls and training balls. All from today's top brands like Rawlings, Easton, Bownet, Axe, and Champro.


Being great with the glove and having a great arm are certainly important attributes for any great baseball player to have.  But let’s be honest, there is no greater feeling in the game than squaring up on a hanging breaking ball and crushing it into the gap, or even better, over the bleachers.  That feeling and the sound of bat hitting ball are addicting, and it’s what every player craves.  Do these five drills and turn yourself into an even bigger threat at the plate.


A great infield is key to any great defensive baseball team.  The ability to get to groundballs, make quick transitions, and accurate throws can take away hits and runs and be the difference between a win and a loss.  So it’s important that infielders be on their game at all times.

If you play the infield and are looking to keep your skills in the dirt sharp, try these five baseball infield drills to turn yourself into a defensive wizard.


A strong outfield can be a pitcher’s best friend.  The ability to get to ball’s in the gap quickly and keeping a hit to a single, or taking away a hit completely, is invaluable.  The outfield is a team’s last line of defense, so it must be strong and consistent.

If you are an outfielder looking to keep your skills up, or even take your game to the next level, try these drills to turn your glove into gold.


Pitching a baseball requires more skill than any other position on the diamond.  And with the pressure of the eight other players counting on you to succeed, you need to be prepared and able to consistently execute your pitches.

To make sure you are throwing with velocity and with pinpoint accuracy the next time you take to the mound, try out these five drills to turn yourself into the ace of any pitching staff.


Of all the everyday positions in baseball, Catcher may be the most important.  From pitch calling to setting the defense, it is the only position that is involved in every pitch of every game.  This is why it is so important for catchers to be in the best possible game shape than anyone else on the diamond.

Without the consistent, everyday rhythm of baseball, it can be challenging for catchers to stay in shape and keep up their strength, endurance, and reflexes.  If you’re a catcher, here are some drills you can do to stay ahead of your competition.


Ready to get to work?  Baseball Express has all of your baseball training gear. Our large selection includes practice nets, training bats, batting aids, pitching machines, and much more at a price that is right for you.