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The calendar turning to May means warmer weather, more ballgames, more chances to be outside.  For many student-athletes, it means one last chance to put on a school uniform, one last at bat, one last come-from-behind win.  It means, proms, graduations, signed yearbooks, and of course, superlatives and awards.
Baseball Express has put together our own collection of award-worthy equipment.  From dinger hitting bats, to slick fielding gloves, this equipment is not only worthy of awards, but will even help you win some awards of your own.  Check out the equipment we consider to Be Best In Class, and find out how you can be nominated to win a prize of your own!


The home run is not only the most exciting play in baseball, but the most exciting play in sports.  It is the ultimate equalizer.  While scoring in baseball is traditionally methodical, requiring multiple hits, a homer is lightning in a bottle and instant gratification.  No wonder why there has been more emphasis on hitting the ball over the wall in recent years.

We have compiled the best and most popular bats to emphasize speed and power at the plate.  But one does stand above the rest.  Here are the nominees for Most Likely To Hit A Dinger

The Nominees:

  • DEMARINI 2021THE GOODS: This two-piece bat was designed with power in mind. The X14 Alloy creates a lightweight barrel that is built for maximum durability and maximum power.
  • LOUISVILLE SLUGGER 2021 SOLO:  The most legendary name in bats returns with the 2021 Solo.  This light, one-piece bat features a massive sweet spot, and with a thinner wall design, it allows for greater swing speed and maximum pop.
  • MARUCCI 2021 CAT9:  The follow-up to one of the most popular bats ever made, the CAT9 has a lighter feel to get through the hitting zone faster, while Marucci's AZR Alloy creates an extra-long sweet spot, allowing for more opportunities to hit for power.
  • EASTON 2020 ADV 360: One of the most popular bats from the last year continues to produce. The ADV 360 is the most advanced two-piece composite bat in the game. Launch Comp combines composite technology and 360 Engineering for complete and total barrel-tuned precision.


The importance of finding the perfect equipment bag or bat pack cannot be understated.  If a player finds the right one, they will not only use it for a season, but several seasons afterward, collecting the memories, the joys, the failings, and the success a player and their team go through.

While a bag may, on the surface, simply be a great place to hold all of your gear, it’s a great place to store your stories from the diamond as well.  Here are the nominees for Most Likely To Hold It Together.

The Nominees:

EASTON GAME READY BAT PACK:  Players will be game ready with Easton's® new Game Ready Backpack, featuring a vented main compartment, a separate vented shoe compartment and two side mesh pockets to hold bats and/or water bottles. 

LOUISVILLE SELECT PWR PAT PACK:  This bag has everything a modern player needs:  A main compartment to fit a helmet, a fielding glove, batting gloves and more, two bat sleeves, padded shoulder straps, and even a cell phone pocket. 

RAWLINGS COVERT DUFFLE BAG:  This bag has extra-long straps to carry the bag over your shoulder, a horseshoe zipper pocket on the top with a zip-off panel for embroidery, two side bat compartments, and a mesh pocket to store valuables along with a bottom shoe compartment.

EASTON ELITE X BAT PACK:  The new Elite X™ Backpack is a versatile backpack with a large vented main compartment designed to hold a player's helmet, ball gloves and batting gloves, and a separate vented compartment specifically for cleats or shoes. 


Hitting a ball with a bat is the hardest thing to do in all of sports.  It takes unprecedented levels of skill and concentration.  That's why it's important for a hitter to feel confident, comfortable, and protected.

The proper batting accessories can achieve all of these.  A well-fitted batting helmet can maximize protection but maintain visibility.  Proper batting gloves can give a hitter extra grip for more powerful and quicker swings.  The right accessories can make any hitter feel like they can take on any pitcher, on any diamond, on any day.  Here are the nominees for Most Likely To Cover Your Bases.

The Nominees:

EVOSHIELD ADULT XVT BATTING HELMET:  The XVT™ Batting Helmet from EvoShield gives you the perfect combination of protection and comfort featuring fully wrapped ear pads. A low profile shell allows for a superior fit and a strategically engineered venting system keeps you cool in high-pressure moments.

RAWLINGS R16 SERIES MATTE BATTING HELMET:  With its eye-catching crackle finish and ultra-cushioned fit, the new Rawlings R16 series perfectly blends style and comfort. The R16 has been constructed with 16 individual vents for optimal air flow and circulation allowing its wearer to stay cool and dry.

FRANKLIN ADULT MLB DIGITEK BATTING GLOVES:  Franklin's Digitek series is a superiorly flexible, multi-functional glove with an athletic fit, feel, and look. With a durable leather heel patch and a touch of digital camo flair, you can be sure to count on this glove for game-time performance.

EASTON ADULT Z10 HYPERSKIN BATTING GLOVES:  These prime gloves from Easton feature Cabretta sheepskin palms for ultimate feel and grip.  With Coolmax mesh finger gussets and a Lock Down ™ strap for extra support, these gloves will leave you feeling cool and comfortable.


Stealing a base is not just a skill, it is an art form.  From getting a great lead, to perfectly timing your first step, to sliding into the right corner of the bag, it involves a level of speed and grace unknown to most athletes.
The right footwear can be the difference between safe by a mile or out by a hair.  Getting that extra traction under your cleats can make life that much more difficult for any pitcher or catcher.  Here are the nominees for Most Likely To Steal A Base.

The Nominees:

UNDER ARMOUR HARPER 5 MID RUBBER MOLDED CLEAT:  Built for the most electrifying player in baseball, the Harper 5 features UA HOVR™ technology for unmatched comfort and amped-up performance. It's light, breathable, and every bit as dynamic as Bryce Harper himself.

NEW BALANCE 3000V5 METAL CLEAT LOW:  Whether you are sprinting to home plate or racing through the outfield to make a superhero catch, the Fresh Foam 3000v5 men's baseball cleats offer the traction and support necessary for high-pressure games. The mesh upper features a comfort collar and reaction-diffusion design based on movement data.

ADIDAS AFTERBURNER 7 MID MOLDED CLEAT:  Sleek and lightweight, the Adidas Afterburner 7 continues to be among our most reliable cleats season after season.  While they may not be as flashy as other shoes on the market, The Afterburner 7s make up for it with a lower price-point and sacrifice nothing in terms of durability and comfort.

NEW BALANCE 3000V5 TURF TRAINER:  Built for enhanced comfort and support on the field, the Fresh Foam 3000v5 Turf men's baseball shoes feature innovative FRESH FOAM cushioning for all-game comfort. The shoe's design is based on cutting-edge data to enhance natural baseball movements, and the rubber outsole is meant to provide superior traction on indoor and outdoor turf.


Of all the everyday positions in baseball, Catcher may be the most important.  From pitch calling to setting the defense, it is the only position that is involved in every pitch of every game.  Which is why it is so important for catcher’s to have the proper equipment and be in the best game-shape possible.

Having the right leg guards, the right mask, and the right glove can make all the difference in the world and can help form proper technique.  Here are the nominees for Most Likely To Be Framed.


The Nominees:

RAWLINGS RENEGADE 2.0 ADULT CATCHER’S SET:  Guard the plate with this NOCSAE approved full catcher’s set from Rawlings.  Featuring a CoolFlo® hockey-style helmet, reinforced knee protection on the leg guards, he chest protector features Arc Reactor Core ™ patent pending technology, which absorbs impact and disperses it throughout the chest protector, dampening the ball and reducing force on the body.

EASTON INTERMEDIATE ELITE X CATCHER’S SET:  Easton's all-new Elite X™ catcher's gear, as seen in the 2018 Little League Baseball® World Series, takes fit and performance to a whole new level. The Box Set includes a helmet, chest protector and leg guards.

EASTON PRO X SKULL CAP:  Made in the classic baseball style cap and available in a multitude of colors, the Pro X Skull Cap creates a look that matches your team, whether you wear it frontward or backward. The soft dual density foam provides comfort and a great fit, while the BioDri™ lining material helps manage moisture for added dryness and comfort.

ALL-STAR PRO-ELITE SERIES EXCLUSIVE 33.5” BASEBALL CATCHER’S MITT:  Exclusive Japanese tanned steer hide allows for fast break in and extended life. Soft tan leather pocket allows for great feel and gives the ball that extra POP which pitchers love to hear. Black leather backing is stiffer, gives the mitt the right amount of support, and increases its life. Each mitt is individually hand made.


The baseball glove may be the most iconic piece of equipment not just in baseball but all of sports.  The baseball glove is an extension of who you are as a player, defining what position you play, and even allowing a player to show off their personality with flashy color patterns and combinations.

Finding the right glove is key for any player as it will most likely be used for more seasons than any other piece of equipment.  With that, here are our nominees for Most Likely To Steal A Hit

The Nominees:

RAWLINGS 2021 HOH HARPER HYPER SHELL 13” BASEBALL GLOVE:  The 2021 Bryce Harper Heart of the Hide outfield glove is a testament to the 'Mark of a Pro.' It features a unique, stylish game-day design worn by one of the game's biggest superstars. This high-performance outfield glove also boasts a massive 13-inch pattern that gives you a huge pocket to snag any ball hit your way.

WILSON A2000 B2SS 12” PITCHERS BASEBALL GLOVE:  A Black SuperSkin-Black Pro Stock Leather combination with Blonde accents is a traditional look and, over time, the B2SS will form to the shape of your hand, thanks to Wilson’s ComfortPro Lining.

MARUCCI CAPITOL SERIES BOR20 11.75” DONALDSON GLOVE:  The BOR20 Capitol Series fielding glove is cut to Josh Donaldson's exact specifications for infielders who are quick on their feet. This pro-inspired glove features Donaldson's signature inside the lining and a custom stamp.

RAWLINGS HEART OF THE HIDE COLORSYNC 5.0 INFIELD GLOVE:  With unique, never-before-seen color combos, Rawlings HOH ColorSync™ gloves make every defensive play a true work of art.


Do you know a graduating middle schooler, high schooler, or college senior?  Now is your chance to honor them and give them the send-off that they deserve!  Baseball Express and have teamed up with Rawlings to present the 2nd Annual Salute To Seniors as a way to honor the commitment of graduating student-athletes.

Submit your graduating athlete using the form below or CLICK HERE for more information.