Top Baseball Drills To Do At Home


With current events, it’s unfortunate but understandable why leagues are postponing, and in some cases, completely canceling.

Here at Baseball Express, we want to assure you that in this time of uncertainty, the well-being of our team members and our customers is our highest priority.  We are taking every precaution possible to ensure the safety of our employees and the communities we serve.

You may be experiencing a pause or a delay in your season.  Baseball Express is here with all the baseball training equipment you need to keep your skills sharp.  If you are looking for ways to stay on your game until then, try these five baseball drills you can do at home so that, when the time comes, you are ready to hit the field running.


  1. The Ceiling Flip/Rubber Ball Toss Drills

Do this in a room with a high ceiling.  While laying on your back, flip a ball a few feet into the air and try to catch the ball without moving.  This drill not only helps with hand-to-eye coordination, but also helps players develop the proper backspin on a baseball to make those perfect throws.

You can also adapt this drill to work on your infield defensive skills.  Grab a rubber baseball and head to any open wall, preferably outside.  Stand with your body square to the front of the wall.  Now throw the ball at the wall at different angles to practice fielding different types of groundballs like short hops, high bouncers, or even those that come at you straight on.  As you go through the drill, change your distance every now and then standing further away from the wall and throw with varied velocities to practice fielding at various speeds.  You can do this with a baseball glove, but we recommend using a fielding trainer to work on developing some soft hands.

TOTAL TIME:  10 Minutes

REPETITION:  Every Other Day



  1. Behind the Back Hip Driver

Set up a tee with a training ball, then use your arms and elbows to hold a bat behind your back.  Now, using your feet and hips try to hit the ball off the tee with the barrel of the bat.  This is a good drill to not only work on your footwork but teaches you to open your hips when you swing and drive thru the ball.  Doing three reps of ten each day will surely get your hitting mechanics down pact.

TOTAL TIME:  15 Minutes



  1. Solo Toss

Another simple baseball drill to help you nail down your swing mechanics.  If you are a right-handed batter, get in your batting stance and hold a baseball in your left hand (left-handed batters hold it in your right hand).  Toss the ball gently into the air, and then mimic your swinging motion with your opposing hand and try to catch the ball.  This is a great way to practice hitting pitches in different locations depending on where you toss the ball, and helps you practice keeping your hands and arm closer to your body and not lunging too far over the plate when you swing.  If you want the full benefit of this drill, use a resistance band on your arm as you swing to really develop some muscle memory.

TOTAL TIME:  5 Minutes

REPETITION:  Every Other Day


  1. Outfield Transition Drills

This drill can be done indoors in a room with a high ceiling, but we recommend doing this one outdoors.  This one allows you to work on correctly positioning and readying your body to make a perfect throw from the outfield to the infield after making a catch.  Gently throw the baseball into the air and get behind the ball as you would in an actual game.  Catch the ball and then work on transitioning to your throwing position.  As you do this, pay attention to where your arms and hands are.  Make sure they are up by your chest and close to your body so you will have a quick, efficient throwing motion.  Also pay attention to your feet, making sure that they are pointing in the direction that you want to throw. Use a training ladder or cones to mark where you want your feet to be with each repetition.

TOTAL TIME:  5 Minutes



  1. Soft Toss / Hitting Tee Swings

A mainstay at all levels of baseball, hitting into a soft toss net may be the best way to keep your swing in shape.  Set up a hitting net either outside or in your basement if able and set up a batting tee and a baseball a couple feet from the net.  Now just take some full-speed hacks, concentrating on driving the baseball into the center of the net each time.  This helps you nail down every aspect of your swing from the positioning of your hands and feet, to using your hips to drive the barrel of the bat all the way through the baseball. 

TOTAL TIME:  5 – 10 Minutes


All these drills are simple, quick, and like the title of this article states, easy to do both by yourself and at home.  Doing these daily will keep you sharp and ready to hit the field when the time finally comes again to play ball.

Soon, games will be played again.  Fans will be cheering again.  Fun will be had again.

Life will continue again.  And when it does, you’ll be ready.  And we’ll still be here to serve all your baseball needs.