The Basics of Choosing a Baseball Uniform

Baseball uniforms remain as synonymous with America’s favorite pastime as hot dogs or raucous cheers. Therefore, choosing just the right selection comes down to comfort, protection, style, and, of course, team spirit.

Let us help you find the perfect uniform! Starting from the ground up, we go through the components of a baseball uniform and what to look for. Learn more below!

Baseball Cleats 

Baseball Cleats

Baseball cleats are normally bought by the player, therefore, you should do your homework on the best pair for you.

You want maximum control and impact when it comes to footwear. The studs on baseball cleats give you optimal traction in the field and on the bases. Toe cleats—typically made of synthetic leather—give an extra “dig-in” edge to batting and fielding.

Black baseball cleats are an easy and popular choice because it can partner with any team or logo color. But for the players who want to create their own statement, Baseball Express has you covered with a variety of colors and styles to choose from.

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Baseball Socks

During hot summer days, you'll want to keep comfort top-of-mind, and socks are an important part of the equation.

There are two types of socks players can buy: regular socks and stirrups. Stirrups became a unique fixture in baseball when most teams wore knicker pants. The loops, which replace the traditional sock bottom, enable players to wear much longer socks displaying team names or logos. When paired with sweat socks, stirrups give teams an old-school, distinctly 'baseball' look.

Pants and socks work hand-in-hand, so you need to complement socks with your baseball pants, especially if you wear knickers. Baseball socks can be ordered in a variety of styles and colors, such as plain, striped, or patterned.

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Baseball Pants

Any athlete lives by comfort, durability, performance, and a flash of style. With so many baseball pants choices at your disposal, you won't strike out Baseball Express. We have a few basic styles of baseball pants:

  • Piped - If you want to add just a touch of nostalgia to your play, you can always opt for piped baseball pants that rock a pinstripe.
  • Solid - Go back to basics with solid baseball pants. They provide a crisp, clean single-color background that works with any jersey.
  • Pinstripe - If classic's your game, you can't go wrong with traditional pinstripes. These dependable fixtures will transport you back to the glory days.

Now that we've given a play-by-play on styles, let's talk length. You'll cut a pretty impressive figure in long baseball pants. A double-knit fabric style gives you the durability and flexibility you'll need to run bases and make power plays with ease.

For those who want to go shorter, knee-high knicker pants are a favorite, especially when paired with matching long socks. They'll keep you cool even as you set the bases on fire.

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Baseball Jersey

Of course, no baseball apparel collection would be complete without the centerpieces: baseball jerseys.

Both team names and logos can occupy a corner of the jersey or placed across the center of the chest. The background of the jersey most often contains pinstripes or solid colors.

Choices for colors and logos are abundant. Neutral colors like gray or navy blue tend to be popular, but some teams might want to stand out with more vibrant colors.

For jersey tops, you can choose between pull-overs, button-style, zipper-style, and even vests. Vest-style and button-style can work especially well in hotter weather. Vests also give you more style options when paired with different undershirts. No matter your jersey preference, you'll want something light and stretchy that allows optimal movement on the field.

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Baseball Hat

Baseball hats were not introduced to guard the players' eyes from the harmful sun or to differentiate the teams. Rather, they were invented because during the mid-1800s, no gentleman used to go outside without something on their head. Luckily, that tradition has carried on and hats have emerged as the most popular fan purchase for a reason. With logos and team designs branded on the cap, they provide another opportunity to display spirit and connect players to each other, making them feel part of the team.

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Baseball Helmet

Safety first! Baseball helmets come with one or two ear protectors. The single protectors can appear on either side of the helmet, depending on if you're a righty or a lefty. Junior baseball equipment, however, tends to offer protection on both sides.

For the catchers out there, you'll want a helmet with an integrated face mask for maximum protection.

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Whether you need a single item or the full baseball uniform, Baseball Express has you covered. Take a stroll through our collection of baseball pants, jerseys, and other baseball uniforms must-haves to find the right fit.

There's always a deal waiting for you. Let Baseball Express help you hit a homer in both style and comfort. Browse our selection today!