Which Glove Web is Right for Me?

When it comes to choosing your glove, not only do you have different brands, colors, and other factors to choose from, you must know which web on the glove is right for you. Right off the bat, there are some of the more traditional ones you see quite a bit of: I-Web, Basket, H-Web. But once you get past those, there are trapeze, single post, two and one-piece closed webs. In this article, we are going to explain what the different webs are used for and depending on your position, we can help you choose yours!

Basket Web:

A basket web is exactly what it sounds like: the pattern is just like a basket. Very similar to the closed pocket gloves, just with some design, these mitts are mostly used by pitchers only or in most youth gloves. Most pitchers use this glove to conceal the pitch they are going to be throwing to the batter since you cannot see the grip of the ball through the web.


I-Web is one of the most common webs you will find on a glove. An I-web consists of two horizontal pieces of leather, with one vertical leather piece in between the two. This model is very popular amongst middle infielders due to the web creating a very shallow pocket, which allows for players to have quick transfers between the glove and their throwing hand. This web is almost exclusively made for infield gloves. You will not find this patter in an outfield glove or glove bigger than 11.75.”


Very similar to the I-web, the H-web is kind of the opposite of the I-web: It is two vertical pieces of leather with one horizontal piece in between them creating an ‘H”. This is another option that is very popular amongst infielders, but also with outfielders. Lots of third basemen use this glove since they tend to be on bigger gloves (11.75” +) and it is especially popular with outfielders due to how big the pocket is.


The trapeze web is one of the few webs that you can see on just about every glove for every position. The trapeze is 2 leather strips that create a sort of “T” shape, with more leather weaving in and out through the entirety of the web. If we are being honest, the trapeze is one of my favorite webbing due to how versatile it is. You will see pitcher use it since you cannot see through the weaves. You will see some infielders use it since the pocket is that between a I-web and a H-web. Then you can see outfielders use it as well.

Single Post:

This is the more “traditional ball glove look due to how simplistic the webbing looks. There is really nothing to it: there are two strips of leather that form a structure that almost looks like cross. These webs are mostly used by infielders and maybe some outfielders depending on the size of the glove. You typically won’t see any single post gloves over 12” simply because the gaps in between would be too big, and the ball could go right through – pretty much defeating the whole purpose of having a glove…

One and Two-Piece Closed:

These are the few gloves that you are not going to see many other places other than the pitcher’s mound. Weith so much leather in the pocket of the glove, these gloves seem to be stiffer than most, which makes it ideal for a pitcher since they are not always fielding a position. It also helps that the web is like a basket web in the sense that it is completely closed, and it helps conceal the grip of a pitch to the batter.