How To Prepare For a Travel Baseball Weekend As A Parent


If you are new to the travel baseball world, you may be overwhelmed with the number of tournaments and the time commitment necessary to succeed at this level.  Weekends that would usually be used for rest and relaxation are now filled with baseball tournaments, long drives, and even longer days at the ballpark.

If you are just getting your young ballplayer into travel ball, or are simply looking for ways to stay organized throughout the season, here are some simple tips to follow to better plan for your weekend baseball trips.



Baseball tournament weekends can come at you fast and you won’t have much time to plan anything out once the weekend and the games start.  So it’s best to develop a game plan for transportation, food, and lodging if applicable.  We recommend having answers to the following questions before heading out to your weekend tournament:

  • How far is the hotel from the ball field?
  • What restaurants are nearby?
  • How close are the local grocery stores?
  • Is there a gas station close to the field? Close to the hotel?
  • Are there any local attractions to visit in case there is some downtime between games?

Once you have an answer to these questions and have a stronger idea of where everything is and how to get around wherever your tournament will be, you will be in good shape to have a more enjoyable and less hectic weekend.

And if you didn’t realize it based on these questions, Google Maps is your friend.  Save some time and pre-load any important addresses you may need to get around during the weekend.




Go through your pantry or refrigerator to make sure you have enough food, snacks, water bottles, or any other drinks you bring with you.  You should do this earlier in the week rather than later to give yourself time to run to the store to pick up any additional items you may need.  If you wait too long, you will probably find yourself making an unscheduled stop at the grocery store when you should be heading out for the weekend.



Save yourself a ton of time by putting together a tournament survival bag that is ready to go at a moment's notice.  Gather essentials like toiletries, sunscreen, a first aid kit, ice packs, or any other items you want to make sure you have on every trip.  Having these pre-packed and separate from your other travel items will make it so you can just grab it, pack it, and go.




Pack up the car as much as you possibly can the day before you head out to your tournament.  This not only makes it so you are ready to roll once it’s time to hit the road but also makes for a good time to check that you aren’t missing anything you need to bring.

Also, go ahead and fill up your gas tank.  This is one less thing you need to worry about and makes it so you can head straight for your destination without having to make any unscheduled pit stops.




Being constantly on the move and trying to stay on schedule can make anybody stress out and lose their mind.  It’s important to remember that you are doing all of this for the game of baseball.  Do your best to enjoy the experience.  After all, there are worse ways to spend a weekend than out in the sun at the ballpark.