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  1. Tips on Calling a Good Game Behind the Plate

    Tips on Calling a Good Game Behind the Plate

    It’s safe to say that as a catcher, you are the quarterback of the baseball team. I Say this because you are the one person on the field that knows where everyone is supposed to be, you call the pick offs, you call the 1st and 3rd situations, and you always dictate where the ball needs to go in every situation. Now, with that being said, as you get older, catchers are also in charge of calling the game. Here are a few tips for catchers (and coaches) to help you call a good game.

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  2. What is a Slump and How to Get Out of It

    What is a Slump and How to Get Out of It

    Ever heard the term “I can’t even buy a hit”? Well, if you were trying to describe what a slump is in the game of baseball, that phrase pretty much sums it up. Now, as this can be one of the most frustrating parts of being a hitter, there are ways to break out of it before it gets too deep, or ways that you can slowly bust out of these weird phases. So, if you’re currently in a slump or want to know what to do when it comes, we have some tips on how to break out of it!

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  3. 5 Ways to Practice Arm Care

    5 Ways to Practice Arm Care

    Fun fact: the movement of the way a softball player pitches is technically the atomically correct way to throw a ball. It’s the reason why baseball players can only throw 90-100 pitches a game (if you’re pushing it) and softball players can pitch 100+ easily. Is that to say that you shouldn’t pitch? No, not necessarily. What it means is that if you want to pitch, and pitch for a long time, you need to take one thing serious: Arm care. Here are a few tips you can use to ensure that you are taking proper care of your arm and can help the longevity of your career.

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  4. Expanding The Strike Zone

    Expanding The Strike Zone

    Most pitchers, even the ones who throw gas, have to rely on their secondary stuff and location to get hitters out because velocity only goes so far. And good hitters can time you up after seeing a pitch or two. Odds are if you keep throwing the same pitches in predictable locations, you’re ERA is going to rise. This is where expanding the strike zone comes in handy. Not sure what that means? Don’t worry – I’ll explain.

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  5. 3 Tips on Becoming an Elite Pitcher

    3 Tips on Becoming an Elite Pitcher
    Pitching is like a game of chess. Every pitch should have a purpose, and getting a batter out is like a checkmate. Want to know how to up your mound presence? Check out these 3 ways to pitch like an elite pitcher!  
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  6. 5 Ways to Improve Your Approach at The Plate

    5 Ways to Improve Your Approach at The Plate

    Baseball is 90% mental and 10% physical. Which means, going up to the palte with the correct approach and minset is crucial. Check out our article on 5 ways to improve your plate appraoch to ensure your success at the plate.  

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