Top 5 BBCOR Bats for 2024

Around this time of year, it’s inevitable that I get this question: “What is the best bat this year?”. I get this question every year and it never fails. Although it is important to know what the “hottest” bats on the market are, I always end my recommendations with the following: “But remember, it’s not always about what everyone else is saying. It’s always about the bat the player feels comfortable and most confident with!” Now that I have stated the obvious, here are my top 5 bats going into the 2024 season!


5. 2024 DeMarini Voodoo One

The Voodoo series has to be one of DeMarini’s longest running series’. The Voodoo has been a staple in baseball since I was in travel ball and it’s insane that even now, 15 years later, they have reinvented it and it is back in the limelight. The Voodoo has always been a two-piece bat, but when the Voodoo One dropped in 2020, something was different. The bat was balanced and powerful and every ball player was itching to have one – so much so that some were going on eBay for up to $1000 simply because vendors and retailers were sold out and no one could find any. Yes, it has had it’s fair share of durability issues, but this 2024 model is just as hot as the last few releases and has fixed the knob and end cap issues. It swings very light and is easy to control through the zone. The only thing keeping it down on my list is the slightly smaller sweet spot than its predecessors. Still, it’s a great pick up and worthy of our #5 spot. See our full review here:


4. 2023 Louisville Slugger Select PWR BBCOR

It’s hard to say that there is a bat with a bigger sweet spot than the one that is on the Select PWR. For being a hybrid bat, it actually swings on the lighter side, but man does it feel good through the zone. I want to say for schools that were swinging Louisville Slugger this past year, this one of the most popular bats amongst Division I hitters and for good reason. It sounds amazing and the sweet spot is huge. Tne one con and depending on how you view it, it may not even be a con, is the fact that it doesn’t absolutely blow up the radar gun like a few of our other entries will. But I feel that in game situations, that doesn’t really make or break a bat’s performance. How comfortable it feels in your hands makes up for it for sure.


3. 2024 Louisville Slugger Atlas BBCOR

This is another one of those bats that took over the bat industry. When the original Atlas dropped back in 2022, everyone was chomping at the bit trying to get one because of how well it was performing. Huge sweet spot, super balanced swing weight and absolutely packed with power, the Atlas is one of the best performing Louisville Slugger bats since their previous Omaha models (In my opinion of course). The 2024 version definitely has the same feeling and power as it sports the same technology and build with different paint job. As I do not think it looks too bad, some have given it a harder time with its weird design and color scheme. Regardless, the bat doesn’t need to look good for it drop absolute tanks.


2. 2023 Rawlings Icon BBCOR

I’ve got to be honest – this one and our #1 bat were going back and forth for a while, and it was super hard to come to a final decision for this to be #2. When the Rawlings Icon dropped and I first swung it, I remember being in absolute shock at how hard I was hitting the ball. I remember I was probably one of the first few people to test it and I told everyone I knew that they may not know it yet, but the Icon was going to be a bat everyone wanted. Surely enough, a few months later it was all the rage. It is by far the best composite BBCOR bat on the market, passing up any composite releases within the last 2-3 years.  Our exit velos were jumping off the screen, the pop felt insane. I don’t know if there will be another composite bat that will compete with the Icon for a while. The only downside that I can find is the price – and its STEEP. It swings in at $499.95 and for a lot, that is a bit much, I get it. But for those who can, it is worth every penny. I promise!


1. 2023 Warstic Bonesaber BBCOR

I am a HUGE fan of the Bonesaber series, so I remember when Ben Jenkins (Owner of Warstic) handed me a Bonesaber Hybrid at the Texas High School Coaches Convention last year and told me to swing it, I was so excited to see what they had cooked up with this hybrid version of an already hot and newly upgraded Bonesaber. I am a sucker for one-piece bats because I love the pure pop you can get with them, as well as the feedback. I still don’t know how they did it (maybe I should ask), but they managed to get everything I loved about the one-piece, fixed the few balance issues, and made an even more powerful bat with the Bonesaber Hybrid. The sweet spot is massive, exit velos are always at our highest, and it feels so comfortable in your hands that you feel you can reach any pitch in the strike zone with how balanced it is. If you have seen any of our recent videos, the way I test to see if a bat is good is by putting it next to the Bonesaber Hybrid. Until someone comes out with something better, I measure all BBCOR bats up to it. I’m not sure there is a bat I like more going into the 2024 season.