Top 5 Indoor Training Tools for the Offseason

For most of us, the offseason is in full effect! It should go without saying that all of us ball players should be getting their work done in the cage, on the field, and in the weightroom! I know it would be naïve of me to say that everyone is able to get out of their house and get on a field during this time of year due to the extreme blizzards and cold fronts that have been sweeping the nation but luckily, I have a few solutions! Check out these Top 5 items that you can train with and can be done either at home or anywhere indoors!


Jaeger Sports Adult J-Bands Exercise Arm Bands:

When it comes to keeping your arm in shape and even building some structural strength in your shoulder and elbow, there is no better tool to have in your arsenal than a pair of bands – and there is no one that does bands better than Jaeger bands. They are available in youth and adult sizes and can be hooked to a door or fence. These are crucial for balancing, strengthening, and conditioning the rotator cuff as well as enhance your recovery.


Valle Eagle Series Infield Trainer with Strap Back 9.75" Baseball Training Glove

I’m sure you’ve seen pro infielders doing drills with smaller gloves, so if that wasn’t an indication that you should be using an infielder trainer, let this be your second sign! Working on your glove work is a big part of being a smooth and sound infielder and working with a smaller glove trains your hands and your eyes to work more efficiently so when you put your real glove back on, making plays is a breeze. These gloves can be used to play catch, work on picking drills, and everything in between.


Total Control Sports Plyo Balls Weighted Set (6 Pack)

Within the last couple of years, weighted balls have made a comeback and I happen to be a big advocate for them. Throwing plyo balls (under a strict program with a goal in mind) can help not only strengthen your arm and build velocity but can also help with injury prevention as well. These are a great tool to have because all your need is either a net or a sturdy wall or surface to throw them into and these can be done anywhere!


Rawlings Pro-Style 7' Practice Net

If you’re one of the guys that is in the middle of a blizzard and can’t get out of the house – this one is a must-have for you. Hitting and taking batting practice is big part of the offseason to make sure that when you return to practice, you haven’t developed any bad habits or lost your bat path. This Rawlings hitting net is the perfect net to set up in the backyard or if it’s absolutely freezing, in your garage. Pair it with one of our Tanner Tees and you have a pretty solid set-up.


Pocket Radar Ball Coach Training Tool and Radar Gun

If you’re a pitcher, knowing where you stand velocity wise is a good tool to know how in shape you are for the season! I love the pocket radar because let’s be honest, finding a good and accurate radar gun or an affordable price was a tough find. For most, the industry standard is the Stalker Radar Gun and those can ring in at $880 or more. The pocket radar comes in at a fraction of the price and is every bit as accurate. It is a pitcher’s best friend and also helps with hitters to see their swing speed or exit velo.