LaceUp Athletics 12oz Baseball Bat Weight

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LaceUp Athletics 12oz Baseball Bat Weight

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Increase your bat speed and exit velocity using overload and underload training drills.
Correct swing path mechanics enabling you to keep the barrel of the bat in the hitting zone longer.
Hit with LaceUp to eliminate casting and align hands along the proper swing plane, which will allow the bat to stay in the hitting zone longer. As a result, hitters develop faster bat speed and more power.
Power LaceUp as part of your overload/underload training.  Gain optimal bat velocity by increasing hand/forearm strength without sacrificing proper swing mechanics.
Can be used during live batting practice.


Fielding LaceUp on your glove hand while practicing ground ball drills.  The added weight increases glove hand strength, glove awareness and quickness.  Can also be used while catching to help with framing pitches, especially down in the zone.
Use in fielding practice to increase kinesthetic awareness, develop quicker hands and increase overall hand strength.
Use on your glove hand in the field to build up hand/arm strength and quickness. 

Flexible for multi-purpose applications
Apply to your ankles:  develop quick feet for catchers, infielders, and all baserunners
Eliminates Bat Sting
Increase Power
Increase Velocity


Use LaceUp as part of your overload/underload training to gain optimal bat velocity.
Simply wrap the lace around the bat above your top hand for overload or at the knob of the bat for underload training.
Use the enclosed wrap on top of the Lace when ready to hit. No more excuses, it’s time!

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