All-New Louisville Slugger 2022 Meta Fastpitch Bat

The game has changed.


A bat built to run this game.

Just like you.

Introducing the all-new Meta Fastpitch Bat from Louisville Slugger. It features a revolutionary patent-pending cantilevered gapped barrel design that maximizes performance and expands the sweet spot of the bat. The low compression barrel design and unmatched feel went through years of playtesting with elite talent.

The end result? A cutting-edge high performer that’s ready to go as soon as you unwrap it.

Get yours today!


A two-piece design featuring our VTX™ Connection System allows for more independent movement between the barrel and handle.


The all-new F2X™ Performance End Cap maximizes the barrel profile, bat control, and swing speed.


The Meta showcases the perfect combination of an easy-swinging profile with just a touch of added weight toward the end of the barrel, helping players of all types and experience levels deliver maximum pop.

Continually maximize performance.

The MASH™ Composite works perfectly with the innovative gapped wall design to immediately and continually maximize performance.



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